What to Consider When Choosing Advanced and Other Model Car Kits?

Are you an avid model car building kit hobbyist or at least wanted to buy a beginner’s kit to try to build your own model car? Then it’s time to check out the top model car kits. Whether you’re into classics or modern models, if you love a car, you can usually find a kit to have fun building it.

What to Consider

Whether you want model car kits for adults or beginners, remember that you can always buy a die-cast one having painted metal parts waiting to be assembled or one with a plastic molded car that requires paint and glue (not included).

If you love to tinker or follow instructions to assemble things, a die-cast kit is a great option. In case you have an artistic inclination and skill for detailed work with decals and paint, consider challenging yourself with beginner model car kits. Once you become an expert at it, go for advanced model car kits.

You can have an idea of how small or large the finished product would be based on the given scale (the ratio that shows the relation between the model’s size and the real deal). Accordingly, you can pick a kit whose model car you’d love to build.

How We Choose

We house die-cast and model car kits from leading brands of custom model car builders like Tamiya, FTX, GMADE, Element and more. Our car building kits are for both adults and beginners, based on varying skill levels of assembling car parts. Currently, our picks range from £89 to £720 to suit every budget. The periods they belong to range from the 1920s to around the 2010s. Our selected kits belong to classic, race, formula, sports, off-road, road, rally, truck model cars. These come in a variety of scales, such as 1:10, 1:12 and 1:24.

Some Top Model Car Building Kits


Key Specs

Category: Formula

Scale: 1:12

Period: 1970’s

Gordon Murray, Brabham’s chief designer designed this Formula One racing car. It succeeded the fairly successful BT42 of 1973. The BT44 had a simple design, suiting the standard Hewland/DFV/Ford gearbox combination. Its excellence lies in its innovation in the field of aerodynamics.


Key Specs

Category: Sports

Scale: 1:12

Period: 2000’s

Porsche manufactured this mid-engine sports car between 2004-2007. Its 5.7l turbocharged engine could put out 604 brake horsepower. The car could accelerate to 62 miles per hour in 3.9s only. Its highest speed was unbelievably 205 miles per hour. Sports Car International included it in the list of Top Sports Cars of the 2000s. The car ranks 8th among the Top Sports Cars of All Time.


Key Specs

Category: Truck

Scale: 1:24

Period: 1980’s

Volvo introduced the F16 truck model in 1987. Owing to its popularity, above 2,00,000 trucks have been made in this model. It was mainly used to haul train weights like timber tricks. In 1994, Volvo FH succeeded this series.

At Premier Car Models, you’re sure to find superior kits for anyone who enjoys car model making.