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Our Remote Control Car Models

Remote control ( RC ) cars are not all created equally, and Premier Car Models strives to make sure that when you order from us, you get a high quality product. After all, building a vehicle can be a great time, but many people enjoy using them just as much—if not more. We try to keep this fact in mind as we pick out cars and trucks to offer our customers here on the website. It’s why we select brands such as Tamiya and Kyosho for our lineup. We want our customers to have the very best.

Each RC model car in our inventory is selected based on a number of different factors, including things such as popular demand, build quality, attention to detail, and reputation. We also take the time to examine the remote control car models for user-friendliness and responsiveness when it comes to usage. These cars are made to drive, and we know that our customers are excited to get them moving! Our models are selected with that in mind.

Tamiya and Kyosho RC Car Kits

The Tamiya RC kit selection we have available is the best in class, as are the Kyosho models we offer. If you’re searching for a RC car that is the top of the line from a Japanese manufacturer, these are both outstanding brands to choose from. If you haven’t had the chance to build one yet, you may want to add one of the models to your list at some point. Their RC cars are exceptional.

Although we have many more cars and trucks to consider, many hobbyists appreciate these two brands, and try out a build from one of the two manufacturers eventually. There’s a reason RC cars from Tamiya and Kyosho have stood the test of time.

Other RC Cars for Sale

Besides the RC cars Kyosho and Tamiya offer, Premier Car Models stocks many other excellent brands in our lineup. Be sure to check out our RC kits from manufacturers such as Corally, CEN, EAZY, GMADE and other well-known and respected brands. Please check out the detailed descriptions we have for our cars and trucks to learn more about all the features.

We stock everything from military car models and off-road vehicles, to trucks, to drag race models, and more. Choose from vintage Tamiya RC kits, or pick up something more current to add to your collection. You’ll have fun just looking at all the choices! Once you get started with RC kits, you’ll likely want to add more to your inventory. It’s a lot of fun to build and drive the vehicles.

If you have questions about any RC car kit we carry, feel free to get in touch with us. We have RC kits available for all different levels of hobbyist, so you can take part in a build even if you don’t have a lot of experience. Premier Car Models works hard to make sure we have a range of vehicles to offer our customers, and we’re dedicated to giving you plenty of options.

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