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Why Premier Car Models?

We are a global ecommerce business founded 20 years ago serving both the corporate and private sectors with our growing range of different services. Our current offering includes ready-made model car, model car kits, display cases and car model restoration. With an international reach that spans over 80 countries, our presence in the market has continued to grow and we have 1000’s of satisfied customers across the world.

Premier Car Models was founded after we found success in the model boat industry in 2001. We pursued our interest in building ready-made car models with multiple workshops located throughout the globe that can meet a variety of requirements and budgets. The car models that we offer include ready-made, kits, and custom builds. Though we are based in the UK, Premier Car models has found international success as a company offering model car kits and custom builds according to our customer’s specific wants.

Ready Made Models

Some customers do not have a specific model car in mind when they are looking to purchase a car from us. We offer over 500 ready-made models that have proven popularity since our business started in 2001. These model cars are great for the beginner and timeless pieces for the more experienced collector alike. We offer plastic, diecast, and radio-controlled model cars. We recommend, as a beginner model car builder, to buy some of each composition to determine what you prefer.

Since Premier Model Cars offers both plastic and diecast model cars, we can offer a wide range of model cars: including those that are ready made for your collection. We take the uncertainty out of choosing the perfect model car, whether you are just starting out with your collection or have more cars than you can count!

Model kits

Our car model kits are available in plastic or Diecast Metal. The car model kits come as a series of components and include known brands such as Tamiya, Kyosho, OttoMobile and Minichamps. The brands that we carry are well-known within the car model industry.

Yoshio Tamiya founded Tamiya in 1946 and soon become known as a quality manufacturer of toy model kits and radio controlled ( RC )cars. Tamiya became popular among car building hobbyists for offering model kits for beginners and adults. Tamiya’s Plastic Car Model Kits are appreciated for their simple building process, making them ideal for new hobbyists.

Kyosho was the first manufacturer in Japan to offer model kits for diecast and RC cars. Kyosho excels in building model car and truck kits that last a long time. Their most famous RC cars are under the “Samurai” line. Kyosho is also known for large-scale model replicas of existing cars.

OttoMobile became famous for the Renault Clio Williams model. It was the first car built by OttoMobile and an example of an unparalleled large scale model car. OttoMobile is still known for their large- scale model kits today.

Minichamps was first known as Paul’s Model Art GmbH. The original business was formed to create diecast model car kits for adult clientele. This brand is ideal for the enthusiastic, lifelong car builder with an eye for luxury. Their plastic model car kits caught the attention of major luxury brands such as Porsche, BMW, and more. They experience massive success after offering car model kits of these brands.

Premier Car Models brings you the best of these famous brands with our plastic and diecast model car kits for beginners and adults. Our process involves using a Computer Numerical Control machine and Fused Deposition Modeling 3D printing technologies. It is home to some of the luxury car model brands including Porsche, Rolls Royce, BMW, Bugatti, Mercedes, Volkswagen, and more. Our variety of car model brands is perfect for the adult model collector who wants to build something unique. Our Advanced model car kits for adults are one of the few of their kind for lifelong car enthusiasts, and brands such as Tamiya are great for those hobbyists who are new to building cars.

We provide a highly bespoke service and have a strong philosophy based on meeting customer’s needs. We have carried this philosophy over 20 years of model making. Our latest venture has been into the World of 3D printing and we are looking forward to using this technology in our ever- evolving business.

Whatever your experience with building model cars may be, we have a car model kit that will fit your building expertise.

Custom Model Cars

Our custom model car services are specialized for car model enthusiasts. Our custom-made cars are designed with model car builders in mind; but we want to give you more than just the average experience, which is why we keep you informed from the creation of your model’s blueprint all the way through production.

At PCM, we give our clients access to a Model Maker’s Brief (MMB) blueprint. We update our clients at every step of the model manufacturing process with photograph updates. We understand that our clients may want a car that not every customer can buy, which is why we have distinguished ourselves as the leaders of custom car builds.

If you are looking to build your own model car, there is no better company to do it than Premier Car Models!

Car Restoration

Premier Car Models is also happy to offer cleaning, repainting and full repair of your model cars. For many hobbyists, model car building is a lifelong passion. We want to ensure that your older model cars are in the same condition as brand new models. Our services are designed to keep your car models in the best condition possible, so your passion for car model building can continue. We also recommend one of our specialized display cases to keep your collection in pristine condition.

As the leader in model car kits, custom builds, ready-made models and RC cars, Premier Model Cars takes pride in serving the car model community. We continue to bring our passion for model car building to an international customer base of car enthusiasts. If you are looking to build a custom car or purchase a ready-made model car or kit, we are confident that you will find the right product for your collection!

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