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Why Premier Car Models?

We are a global ecommerce business founded 20 years ago serving both the corporate and private sectors with our growing range of different services. Our current offering includes ready-made model car, model car kits, display cases and car model restoration. With an international reach that spans over 80 countries, our presence in the market has continued to grow and we have 1000’s of satisfied customers across the world.

We have pursued our interest in building ready-made car models, with multiple workshops located over the globe that can meet a variety of requirements and budgets.

We provide a highly bespoke service and have a strong philosophy based on meeting customer’s needs. We have carried this philosophy over 20 years of model making. Our latest venture has been in to the World of 3D printing and we are looking forward to using this technology in our ever evolving business.

Our Experience

We take immense pride in making model cars and have been following this passion for more than 20 years. The makers of our model cars have extensive experience of more than 300 years. With a focus on how cars have evolved over the years, our team constantly explores new ideas and technologies to build revolutionary models.

Our Esteemed Clients

  • Our clients span more than 85 countries across the world
  • We have more than 1,000 happy customers across the globe
  • We have served over 350 corporate customers worldwide (including some of the largest offices, hotels, museums, and motion picture productions)

Our Wide Range of Products and Services

  • More than 500 ready-made model cars including bespoke and display car models
  • Over 100 models of RC cars for sale
  • Custom-made model car service in a large scale
  • Plastic toy model car and truck kits with metal engine
  • Display cases of varied styles to suit every car
  • Rebranding, cleaning, and restoration services for cars (primarily performed in the UK)
  • CNC (Computer numerical control) and 3D prints of accurate car model replicas through FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) Printing and SLA (Stereolithography) Printing

What Makes Us Stand Apart?

Premier Car Models has a stringent process of selecting suppliers to ensure that our products and services are top-notch. We offer the best remote control and ready-made car models and even excel in building model car kits. We use 3D printing and CNC to create precise replicas of car models.

Our Key Strength: Custom Car Models

Premier Car Models has produced custom car models on a large scale. This is a bespoke service to let you build your own model car by:

  • Collaborating with our customers to create an MMB (Model Maker’s Brief) with a blueprint of the desired model.
  • Updating the client with exact photographs of the model at every milestone building stage.

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