Plastic Car Model Kits

At Premier Car Models we have a great selection of plastic model cars for sale for discerning hobbyists of all levels. Regardless of whether you are just getting started, or have been assembling car and truck kits for many years, we have something available for you to purchase. We also stock a number of built plastic model cars for sale as well.

When you purchase from our website you can rest assured you are getting a quality product. Our regular customers keep coming back time and time again because they know they can count on our exceptional offerings. We take the time to do things right here, and this is reflected in the fact that we’ve had so many satisfied customers over the years. Your satisfaction is so important to us.

Durability of Plastic Model Kits

Just because a kit is plastic doesn’t mean it isn’t a quality item. Our durable plastic car model kits stand up to the metal kits of old because they are made from high-quality plastic materials, not low-grade plastic. This makes an enormous difference in the longevity of the finished kit. When done right, a plastic car model can last just as long as their metal counterpart. These days the plastic used for model kit cars is standard—and tough!

If you have any questions about the plastic used, or the process of making the parts for our vehicles, you can contact us for more details. We’ll be happy to talk to you about it any time, as we have the highest of confidence in these materials for modern-day model kits.

Toy Model Cars for Sale

If you love cars but don’t want to do the work of constructing a model, our built plastic model cars might be a good choice. These toy models offer you the chance to own a small-scale replica of a vehicle that you enjoy—without having to do the assembly yourself. Each built plastic model is put together before shipping and arrives for you ready to admire.

If you like you can also order one of our attractive display cases to show off your new purchase. They are an affordable way to protect your investment and help keep it looking its best over time. Many people select these at the time of purchase along with their vehicle so they can set them up immediately to display.

Some of Our Top Plastic Model Car Kits


Key Specs

Category: Off-Road, RC Car, Model Car Kit

Scale: 1:10


This model is RTR and has a supreme torque metal geared servo, brushed electronic speed controller (waterproof), 35turn brushed motor and 2.4Ghz Radio control system. The plastic model car kit only requires a 7.2v Ni-MH or 2S Li-Po battery, 4 AA batteries and a compatible charger for completion.


Key Specs

Category: Model Car Kit, Race

Scale: 1:12

Period: 2010s

This light-weight car weighed only 970kg and stuck to the road like glue dye to its large rear wing and race-tuned suspension. It used a powerful 3.3l twin-turbocharged flat-six engine and was able to produce 590hp.


Key Specs

Category: Classic, Model Car Kit, Truck

Scale: 1:24

Period: 1970s

This muscular truck was built with an advanced turbo intercooler, a revolutionary technology at that time. Its modified driveline came with a new hypoid drive axle and caused lower internal friction. So, the truck could boost its fuel efficiency even while attaining higher power.

These are some select picks from our wide collection. Don’t limit yourself to checking out just these. Explore our complete collection and shop for your favorite plastic model truck and car kits or built ones for yourself or your loved fellow hobbyists!