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CEN Q-Series Suzuki Jimny Blue
CEN Q-Series Suzuki Jimny Blue
CEN Q-Series Suzuki Jimny Blue

CEN Q-Series Suzuki Jimny Blue

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The Suzuki Jimny is manufactured and marketed by Japanese automaker Suzuki.  It is in its fourth generation.  In 1968 Suzuki bought the bankrupt Japanese automaker Hope Motor Company to make four-wheel drive cars.  The first Suzuki brand four-wheel drive was a LJ10 in 1970.  Suzuki continued to make bigger and better engines and differentials.  The updated version of the SJ413 became known as the Samurai and was the first Suzuki marketed in the US.




  • 40A WP-1040-Brushed (Powered by HOBBYWING).
  • Waterproof and dust-proof for all weather.
  • Built-In Capacitor Module.
  • Automatic throttle range calibration.
  • Low voltage cut-off protection for Li-Po (lithium polymer) and NiMH battery.
  • Over-Heat protection and throttle signal loss protection.
  • Easily programmed with jumpers.



  • RS-540High Torque Motor.
  • Powered By Mabuchi Motor.



  • 6Kg Servo O.E.M. by Savox.
  • 4.8V 0.16 sec/60° 4.2 kg-cm.
  • 6.0V 0.14 sec/60° 6.5 kg-cm 25T.
  • Horn Gear Spline.


Radio System

  • Pistol-Grip Mod-3S 3 Channel Transmitter.
  • Digital Trimming.
  • Steering Dual-Rate (ST D/R) Adjustment.
  • End Point Adjustment (EPA).
  • Build in Failsafe.
  • Power Alarm Transmitter.
  • Model: 82190.
  • Frequencies: 2.4GHz.
  • Weight: 375gm.
  • Power Supply: 4 AA Alkaline Dry Cells DC 6V.
  • Receiver Receiver Model: G82191.
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz.
  • Power Supply: DC 4.8~6.0V



  • DVP (Dual Vertical Plate) Chassis Design.
  • Sealed Receiver Compartment.
  • Easy Access/Quick Release.
  • Battery Tray.
  • Battery Tray Size 146x50x25mm.
  • Adjustable Wheelie Bar Ready (w/Ball Bearing).
  • Full Precision Ball Bearing Support.
  • Adjustable Turnbuckles.
  • Harden Steel Steering Drag Link.
  • Fully Equipped with Allen Hex Screws.
  • Adjustable Body Post.
  • High Torque Servo Horn Safer.
  • Optional 4-Wheel Steering Design.



  • Big Bore OilFilled Coil Over Shocks.
  • Aluminum Shock Caps.
  • 10mm over size shock body with 3mm hardened steel polished shaft.
  • Stiff Hard Racing Spring.
  • Fixed Wheelbase.
  • Ride Height – Adjustable with pre-load.
  • Realistic 4-Link Suspension design.



  • 2 Wheel Drive.
  • Center Shaft Drive Train for more power transferred to the wheels.
  • Hight Efficient Transmission System.
  • Wide Range Easy Changeable Gear Box Design.
  • Sealed transmission eliminates dirt and dust substances to get in.
  • Sealed Axle housing.
  • 5mm Hardened Steel Axle shaft.
  • Differential Metal Center Locker Front/Rear Planetary Gear Type.
  • Ring & Pinion 30/15T.



Length: 11inch (280mm)

Width: 10.60inch (270mm)

Wheelbase: 8.2inch (210mm)

Ground Clearance: 2.6inch 65mm


Please note: This kit requires the following for completion: battery and charger.


Suzuki Motor Company is a multinational Japanese corporation.  They manufacture automobiles, four-wheel drive vehicles, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, and a variety of other small internal combustion engines.  In 1909 Michio Suzuki founded the Suzuki Loom Works building weaving looms.  In 1929 he invented a new type of weaving machine and continued to develop and produce these machines over the next 30 years.  However, in 1937, Suzuki decided to diversify and decided to build small cars.  The first cars were powered by then-innovative, liquid-cooled, four-stoke, four-cylinder engine.  After WWII, he developed a two-wheeled bicycle fitted with a motor called, the “Power Free”, which lead to the motorcycle.  Following the success of his motorcycles, in 1955 Suzuki created an automobile, the Suzuki Suzulight.


For over 15 years CEN Racing has developed innovated technology and high-quality products in the RC industry.  In 2015 a group of RC enthusiasts purchased CEN Racing to continue its legacy when the owner/founder passed in 2014.  The new owner along with the new R&D team will take CEN Racing to the next level with quality and innovative technology.  CEN will continue to improve their models as well as coming out with new thrilling and inventive products.

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