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Explore Our Wide Range of Kyosho Model Cars and Kits

Premier Car Models offers a diverse range of vintage and fashionable Kyosho RC kits and diecast and RC model cars. They come with top-class long-lasting material and a super-attractive appearance and can run brilliantly on various solid surfaces.

About Kyosho

Hisashi Suzuki founded the Japanese model car manufacturing brand called Kyosho in 1963. RC (radio-controlled) cars, and also finely detailed top-quality diecast models are the most popular products of Kyosho. These products are known for their high durability. The main headquarters of the company lies in Chiyoda, Tokyo.

About Kyosho’s Top Products

Among the superb RC model car kits of Kyosho, those under the ‘Samurai’ series are most well-known. Kyosho Samurai diecast model cars are also the favourite of multitudes. The array of RC cars produced by Kyosho is wider than that of other RC manufacturers. These mainly include RC trucks and cars as well as boats, helicopters, excavators, sport, scale, and warbird planes.

Since 1992, Kyosho has excelled in building the ultimate collector’s grade die-cast model cars. The brand offers an impressive range of carmakers and scale replicas.

How We Create Accurate Model Cars and Kits

Premier Car Models employs high-end technology to create our model cars and kits with complete precision and fine details. We use:

  • 3D Printing Technology: We combine the 3D printing methods of SLA (Stereo lithography) and FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) to design the best model cars and kits with accuracy. Our printers can print on extremely narrow surfaces and generate designs very quickly.
  • CNC (Computer Numerical Control): Our CNC machines process material according to our coded and programmed instructions.

About Us

We’ve earned a golden name in the car modelling industry with 20 years of experience. We house some of the greatest manufacturers in this industry like Kyosho, famous for creating RC cars, diecast model cars and kits.

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