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Tamiya Car Models

Worldwide Acclaim

Yoshio Tamiya founded Tamiya in 1946. He first got into the modeling business by building a wooden ship model. Tamiya became known for his toy model kits and radio controlled (RC) cars. He gained popularity among car building hobbyists for his plastic car models, which were easy to assemble and increased the demand for car model kits.

With plastic car model kits, the car building hobby became more accessible. The Brabham BT44B car model kit is one example of what Premier Car Models offers for customers who prefer a car model kit. It is also possible to modify car kits by ordering specific parts, which makes PCM’s car model kits a great choice for a collector looking to build a unique car.

Premier Car Models

Premier Car Models is proud to offer a variety of Tamiya products including RC cars, Rally car kits, and car models for beginners and adults. All our car models and kits are made with accuracy and great care using 3D printing technology and CNC (Computer Numerical Control). Our manufacturing process ensures the highest quality car models on the market.

In 1976, Tamiya entered the RC market with the Porsche 934 RSR model. Since then, Tamiya became a worldwide leader in car models. The Porsche Jägermeister and Valliant Disc models are available through our website. As vintage cars from the 1970s, these models are highly valuable and known to perform well in championships such as Daytona, Sebring, and more. They feature paint-etch designs, openable doors, among many other details of our careful construction process.

Vintage and Modern Models

Tamiya cars are some of our most popular models; with their sleek design and brand-name recognition, it is easy to see why Tamiya’s are loved by beginner and lifelong hobbyists. We also offer top-of-the line models like the Porsche Carrera GT. The Carrera GT was a sports car manufactured my Porsche between 2004 and 2007. It could reach 62 mph in just 3.9 seconds, with one of the most powerful turbocharged engines. The Carrera’s powerful but sleek design makes it one of the most revered and beautiful cars of all time. Sports Car International named it number one of the “Top Sports Cars of the 2000s.”

Today, Tamiya offers more than three thousand products, as precision static models and radio controlled (RC) cars. Tamiya is considered as one of the finest car model companies in the world, and their name continues Tamiya’s legacy as a famous manufacturer of model cars.

Timeless Quality

Time and again, customers return to Premier Car Models for our car models, car restoration, and custom models. Tamiya is one of our most in-demand car brands, with a wide range of model car kits for your building pleasure. With twenty years of experience, PCM is happy to deliver the best quality model cars on the market to customers around the world using our flawless car manufacturing process. Whether you are building a classic Tamiya model or ordering a ready-made car model, Premier Car Models is proud to offer the finest models available on the market.

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