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1:18 Pack Rallye Porsche 1000 Pistes 1985
1:18 Pack Rallye Porsche 1000 Pistes 1985
1:18 Pack Rallye Porsche 1000 Pistes 1985

1:18 Pack Rallye Porsche 1000 Pistes 1985

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Porsche 911 SC/RS – Pack Rallye Porsche 1000 Pistes 1985 – (OT331):

The 911 SC/RS was manufactured in 1984. Porsche needed to provide Porsche Group C sponsor Rothmans with an instant Group B rally car for them to enter in their characteristic blue and white livery in a wide range of different markets and racing series. This included international rallying, and the renowned World Rally Championship (WRC).

It was fitted with a Type 908/18 engine capable of producing 290 horsepower at a rate of 7000 rpm. Body-wise, the 911 SC/RS was fitted with the steel chassis from a Porsche 930. It was reinforced with a padded roll cage, and also had turbo widebody panels, aluminium door panels and a front bonnet to reduce weight, fiberglass bumper covers, sills, engine lid, rear spoiler, as well as thinner window glass.

Due to the fact that the car was a rally specification vehicle, it had to have several safety features implemented. Aside from the padded roll cage that has already been mentioned, the 911 SC/RS had heavy-duty shock absorbers fitted to both the front and rear suspension, for improved handling and manoeuvrability on rough and smooth surfaces alike. It also had helicoidal springs, which supplemented the chassis and suspension with much-needed flexibility, as well as softer landings after extensive air-time.

As a unit, the car weighed just 960 kilograms, including the roll cage and improved engine. Porsche did a magnificent job in making the car as lightweight yet rigid as possible, and their aspirations for the rallying stage were certainly reflected vicariously through this car.

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Weight 4 kg
Period 1980's
Scale 1:18
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