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FTX Zorro 1:10 Nitro Trophy - Blue
FTX Zorro 1:10 Nitro Trophy - Blue
FTX Zorro 1:10 Nitro Trophy - Blue

FTX Zorro 1:10 Nitro Trophy – Blue

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FTX Zorro 1:10 Nitro Trophy – Blue – (FTX5542B):

The FTX Zorro is, in FTX’s own words, “A perfect blend of speed, noise and semi-scale realism.” It’s an astonishing off-roader with the ability to compete with some of the fastest high-end models, yet it retains style and suave.

This desert trophy truck is powered by a nitro engine, and is factory assembled with multiple waterproof features. The off-roading capability truly is astounding with the Zorro. The Zorro’s four-wheel drive drivetrain, along with its metal geared front and rear differentials mean the Zorro is perfectly capable of handling the speed generated by the nitro engine.

Suspension-wise, the Zorro is fully independent, both front and rear. It features oil-filled shock absorbers, adjustable turnbuckles and even anti-roll bars, for further fine-tuning. The body is protected by flexible yet sturdy front and rear wise tubular style bumpers, as well as skid plates. The pre-printed bodyshell masks an internal roll cage, as well as the driver’s cockpit.

The Zorro is mounted to an anodised aluminium body, and together with the Force .18 nitro engine and the light exterior bodywork, it is able to deliver immense power and performance. It’s certainly a brilliant choice for any RC enthusiast, beginners and experts alike.

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Weight 9 kg
Scale 1:10
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