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Your Dream Destination for Classic Model Car Kits

Do you or your younger loved ones enjoy the experience of building classic model cars with kits? Then take a look at the kits of amazing vintage model cars showcased by Premier Car Models. These automobile replicas come in a variety, including racing cars, luxury cars and heavy trucks. They have an attractive appeal, high functionality and great durability. You also get to explore these model car kits on diverse scales.

The plastic pieces are accurately cut so they are easy to assemble. Waterslide decals, steering wheels and rubber tires are included to make sure the models are the perfect replicas of the original automobiles. Once you assemble all the parts, you can open and close the doors, trunk and hood. On opening the hood, the detailed engine comes into view. Any classic model car kit you choose shall come with a detailed manual of guiding pictures and instructions.

How We Create Detailed Classic Model Car Kits?

We use the following latest technology to manufacture and design precise classic model car kits:

  • 3D Printing Technologies: Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) and Stereo lithography (SLA) help us to print accurate features of model cars and kits even on highly thin surfaces. Our printers are also advanced enough to deliver superfast.
  • Computer Numerical Control: Our CNC machines help us by processing material as per our coded instructions.

Why Choose Us?

Premier Car Models comes with a golden experience of over 20 years in the model industry. Besides, we are known for choosing some of the top manufacturers in this industry. Our manufacturers are proficient to create diverse car models and kits following the highest standards in Italy. Our classic model car kits belong to leading brands, such as BMW, Porsche and Toyota, and are updated from time to time to offer you variety.

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