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Fiat Mefistofele Model Kit
Fiat Mefistofele Model Kit
Fiat Mefistofele Model Kit

Fiat Mefistofele Model Kit

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Manufacturer: Italeri


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About the Fiat Mefistofele

Designed by Ernest Elridge, this one-off racing car was originally known as the ‘Elridge’, and was obtained from the old chassis of the Fiat SB4 in 1923. The unique design of the Mefistofele combined both this Fiat racing car chassis and the Fiat aeroplane engine, to achieve the best of the worlds. It was referred to as the Mefistofele because of the powerful infernal noise emitted from its 6-cylinder aircraft engine. Characterised by a long front bonnet, the Mefistofele was capable of reaching speeds of 146.01 miles per hour, and was the last car to set a land speed record on public roads. As the designer and the pilot of the Mefistofele, Ernest Elridge was able to push the vehicle to reach this record speed, due to its powerful water-cooled Fiat A12 inline engine, and streamline structure, build for high speeds.


About the Model

This Italeri kit is made to replicate one of the most amazing speed racing cars in history. Assembling the hundreds of plastic parts is one of the most enjoyable steps, as the model kit is provided with a detailed list of instructions and pictures.


About the Manufacturer

At Premier Car Models, we are specialised in selecting some of the best manufacturers in the car model industry. Our manufacturer works diligently to produce a range of luxury and vintage car models with parts and materials produced according to the highest standards in Italy.

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Weight 5 kg
Period 1920's
Scale 1:12
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