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The Best Destination for Plastic Model Truck Kits

We offer a wide range of high-end model truck kits spanning several different eras. These plastic model truck kits showcase the finest details of the original models, and therefore, are available in nearly perfect replicas. An instance is our created replica of the popular DAF 36000 ATi Wrecker Truck.

How We Create Accurate Truck Model Replicas

CNC (Computer numerical control) is used, as well as advanced 3D printing technology to design minutely accurate and highly detailed model replicas of trucks. Our CNC machines follow our coded programmed instruction to process a piece of material as per our requirements.

At Premier Car Models, we use the following types of 3D printing technology:

  • SLA (Stereolithography) Printing
  • FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) Printing

We combine these techniques of 3D printing to achieve higher flexibility in our model making projects and ensures a top level of accuracy.

Our expert printers are skilled to print on surfaces as thin as a hair strand. They also help us to build our truck model kits faster. Thus, we can complete projects perfectly even under stringent deadlines, and make our customers and clients satisfied.

Why Choose Us

Premier Car Models takes pleasure and pride in being in the model cars space for over 20 years. Creating the top model truck kits is also one of the areas of our specialization. We have an unrivalled reputation for selecting some of the top manufacturers in the car model industry. These manufacturers have a high experience extending for more than 300 years in car modelling. Their goal is to evolve both themselves and their work. So, they are constantly in an eager search for new ideas and more advanced technology to create the best models and kits.

At Premium Car Models, the manufacturers work diligently to build a range of vintage and luxury car models materials and parts designed as per the best standards in Italy.

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