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Scania 143M 500 6x2 Canvas Truck Kit
Scania 143M 500 6x2 Canvas Truck Kit
Scania 143M 500 6x2 Canvas Truck Kit

Scania 143M 500 6×2 Canvas Truck Kit

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About the Scania 143M 500

The Scania 143M has a reputation for being one of the best tractor units of its time, throughout Europe. It is known amongst truck enthusiasts as a reliable and powerful truck, capable of covering large distances. The Scania 3 series was first introduced by the Swedish manufacturer, Scania, in 1987. The Scania 143M was part of this series, which included trucks with engine sizes that ranged from 9 to 14 litres. The series was well known for being fuel-efficient and modern, with an updated bumper and front fascia that incorporated a lower drag grille design.


About the Model

This Italeri model kit is a replica of the real-life Scania 143M 500. Assembling the hundreds of plastic parts is one of the most enjoyable steps, as the model kit is provided with a detailed list of instructions, pictures and water slide decals. This classic model has a fully detailed engine and cabin. The model kit is perfect for hobbyists, with a knack for building intricately built models.


About the Manufacturer

We are specialised in selecting some of the best manufacturers in the car model industry. Our manufacturer works diligently to produce a range of luxury and vintage car models with parts and materials produced according to the highest standards in Italy.

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Weight 5 kg
Period 1980's
Scale 1:24
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