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FTX Outback Ranger XC Pick Up - Yellow
FTX Outback Ranger XC Pick Up - Yellow
FTX Outback Ranger XC Pick Up - Yellow

FTX Outback Ranger XC Pick Up – Yellow

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FTX Outback Ranger XC Pick Up – Yellow – (FTX5588Y):

The Outback Ranger XC is a revolutionary RC model. It’s unique in the sense that it’s small enough to use indoors, yet retains the capability to persevere on rough outdoor terrain.

Equipped with moulded bodyshell accessories for extra detail, the Outback Ranger XC is perhaps one of the more intricate and comprehensive radio-controlled models. Underneath the chassis is a metal geared reduction gearbox for improved torque and more control when driving at low speeds, especially at steep inclines. The Outback Ranger XC also features telescopic driveshafts, metal axle gears in high clearance locked axles and front and rear oil shock absorbers. These cushion the body of the Ranger and protect all mechanical components beneath, further improving the ride and controllability.

Moreover, the Outback Ranger XC features a completely waterproof Hobbywing 25Amp speed control, which works in tandem with a reduction gearbox. This combination excels in providing brilliant slow control and torque, allowing the Ranger to creep through trails and scurry across underbrush.

This bold yellow model off-roader is a prime example of pushing a remote-controlled vehicle to its limits. It can pretty much overcome any form of terrain with relative ease, and is highly controllable and easy to use.

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