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1:12 Mazda Cosmo Sport - Red
1:12 Mazda Cosmo Sport - Red
1:12 Mazda Cosmo Sport - Red

1:12 Mazda Cosmo Sport – Red

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Mazda Cosmo Sport – Red – (KSR12004R):

Mazda launched the Cosmo Sport in May 1967; however, it was announced in Tokyo three years prior, and the anticipation and excitement that it built up was probably more intense than any other car before it.

The Cosmo Sport truly was a breakthrough for the sports car industry. Mazda were incredibly resourceful and opportunistic with the new and improved rotary engine with a 491-cc x 2 capacity, capable of reaching speeds up to and even in excess of 114 miles per hour. The Cosmo Sport was famed for its low flowing style and the way it glided across the road whilst maintaining balance and control. Back then, it was the only sports car of its kind, selling around 30 units each month. It really was unique.

Whilst the Cosmo Sport certainly doesn’t have the richest racing heritage, it certainly proved to be an important stepping stone in Mazda’s success today. In 1968, Mazda selected one of the most challenging and gruelling tests in Europe to prove how reliable the rotary engine really was; the 84-hour Marathon de la Route at the Nürburgring in Germany. Two Cosmos were entered alongside 58 other cars, and for the most part, the Cosmos were completely stock. Throughout the race, the cars ran together in fourth and fifth place. One car was retired in the 82nd lap with axle damage, whilst the other finished in fourth place overall. This was to be the Cosmo Sports only ever racing outing, but Mazda had proved their point, and then exceeded expectations. The rotary engine in the Cosmo Sport was incredibly efficient and reliable.

Every detail is masterfully crafted and captured in this beautiful red model Cosmo Sport. With its vintage wing mirrors and iconic headlights, the model is a brilliant replica of the great Cosmo Sport.

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Weight 4 kg
Period 1960's
Scale 1:12
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