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Kyosho Samurai

Explore the Best Kyosho Samurai Model Cars and Kits

Premier Car Models houses the best RC cars, diecast model cars and model car kits of the Kyosho Samurai series. They have high durability, striking aesthetics, and the ability to run effectively on various solid surfaces.

About Kyosho

Hisashi Suzuki founded the popular Japanese model car manufacturing company called Kyosho in October 1963. Its main office lies in Chiyoda, Tokyo. In 1970, Kyosho built its first trademark RC (radio-controlled) car, and in 1992, joined the diecast market for model cars. All the car models of Kyosho are well-known for their high-quality material and robust features.

About Kyosho Samurai

The ‘Samurai’ series of the model car kits of Kyosho are renowned across the world. Moreover, vintage Kyosho Samurai RC cars and diecast model cars have won the hearts of several people. With car models released in both 1:18 and 1:12 scales, it was fixed that the ‘Samurai’ series would represent historically significant Japanese vehicles. The aim was also to manufacture high-end resin-cast models which would exceed all expectations.

How We Create Accurate Model Cars and Kits

We ensure to manufacture exact replicas of cars with full precision and fine details even in the miniature versions. To meet this end, we use:

  • 3D Printing Technology: We employ both SLA (Stereolithography) and FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) methods of 3D printing to design model cars and their kits with accurate features. Our printers can print on highly narrow surfaces and deliver designs super-fast.
  • CNC (Computer Numerical Control): Our CNC machines move or cut material by following our coded and programmed instructions.

Why Us?

Premier Car Models has a reputation of 20 years in the car modelling industry. We are also home to some of the best manufacturers in this industry like Kyosho, widely known for building model car kits, RC cars, and diecast model cars.

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