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Kyosho Samurai

Kyosho Samurai Model Kits

Premier Car Models is proud to have Kyosho model car offerings available for our customers, such as the Samurai pictured here. If you enjoy Japanese cars, this particular model is something to consider adding to your list! We find we are re-stocking them often, as they sell very quickly. The demand for this car has remained very steady over time, and it definitely has a good following.

Kyosho is high-quality Japanese brand that has been in the model car industry since 1963, and they have become respected for their attention to detail as well as their outstanding radio control (RC) vehicles. Kyosho America was founded in 2005, bringing manufacturing for this brand to the U.S. market. For our website, we have selected a wonderful range of Kyosho vehicles for model enthusiasts to choose from. They fit in with our inventory very well, and we have developed a dedicated following of RC enthusiasts that order from us repeatedly.

You can trust in our products, and order the Samurai with confidence. Feel free to browse our inventory, and be sure to check back from time to time, as we will continue to add more models as we find vehicles that match the needs of our customers.

Building Kyosho RC Kits

There’s nothing like building your own vehicle—especially when it’s something special that you’ll enjoy for many years to come. The RC cars Kyosho makes are among the best, and we have had a lot of great feedback about these models from our clients. The brand has a very good overall reputation, with some models gaining quite a bit of popularity over time. One example is the Kyosho Samurai model car. We’ve been pleased to be able to offer this vehicle to our client base here at Premier Model Cars.

Our Kyosho Samurai model car kit is well liked among hobbyists, and with good reason. It’s a fun car that has a lot of style and personality. This makes it a pleasure to build and display. Whether you take a long time to savor the build or you put it together quickly to see the end result, you’re sure to enjoy it! It’s one of the highlights of the RC cars offered by the brand.

When you take a close look at this car you’ll be able to see the amount of thought that has been put into developing a model for the Samurai. From the individual parts to the paint and finish quality, every detail has been carefully crafted to look like the original. The craftsmanship is evident, and it’s easy to see that the manufacturing process has been streamlined to ensure everything turns out as it should.

RC Cars – Kyosho Samurai & More!

One of the main categories we sell are RC Vehicles. We select our stock carefully, choosing name brands such as Kyosho, CEN Racing, Team Corally, and more. The RC cars and trucks we decide to carry are those that not only look good, but are outstanding performers as well—such as the Samurai.

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