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1:18 Honda Civic Mugen RR - Red
1:18 Honda Civic Mugen RR - Red
1:18 Honda Civic Mugen RR - Red

1:18 Honda Civic Mugen RR – Red

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Honda Civic Mugen RR – Red – (KSR18038R):

The 2007 Honda Civic Mugen RR was the supreme evolution of the FD2 Civic Type R Saloon. That itself was such an intense and unforgiving car, that it was never actually offered in Europe.

300 units of the Honda Civic Mugen RR were made available in Japan, only in an exclusive Milano Red tint. The weight measured in at as little as 1,255 kilograms thanks to the exhaustive use of carbon fibre and aluminium, primarily in the bumpers and bonnet. Capable of producing 237 horsepower at a rate of 8,000 rpm, the Mugen RR was certainly not to be taken lightly. Honda also installed improved camshafts, an upgraded exhaust system and a better ECU.

The fact that a four-door Honda Civic was considered to be ‘a bit too much’ for the European market demonstrates the sheer power of the car. Power from the fabled K20 was increased to 237 from 225 via old-fashioned methods that have been mentioned above. The cams were fiercer, snappier, the intake and exhaust were overhauled, and even the valve springs were made stronger to improve the ride. Furthermore, when looking behind the forged wheels, enormous Brembo front brakes could be seen to better the car’s stopping power. Even the seats became carbon bucket seats to save ten kilograms.

The absurdity and astronomical power of the Mugen RR meant that all 300 units sold in under ten minutes. It is perhaps one of the strangest yet most brilliant Honda Civic’s out there, and the Milano Red model accurately reimagines every finely-tuned detail and accessory.

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Weight 4 kg
Period 2000's
Scale 1:18
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