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1:18 Lamborghini Miura SVR - Red/Black
1:18 Lamborghini Miura SVR - Red/Black
1:18 Lamborghini Miura SVR - Red/Black

1:18 Lamborghini Miura SVR – Red/Black

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Manufacturer: Kyosho


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About the car

This car is a luxury sports vehicle, or ‘Special Vehicle for Racing’ (SVR) produced by Italian automobile manufacturer Lamborghini. There was 764 Lamborghini Miura’s built from 1966 to 1973 in the body style of a 2-door coupé. The Miura was originally conceived against the founder’s wishes in the Lamborghini engineering team’s spare time.

This car is unique in comparison to its predecessors as it featured a transversely mounted mid-engine layout as well as the V12 having to be essentially merged with the transmission with the 5-gear manual transmission, which resembles the compact, sleek design. The Miura’s rolling chassis was originally presented at an auto show in Turin in 1965 and received impressive feedback the body style and unique mid-engine design.

The name ‘Miura’ came from the famous Spanish fighting bull breeder and was chosen in the organisation’s newly created badge. This came from the founder’s love for bullfighting and his belief it perfectly represented himself and his car’s he produced.

About the Brand 

Lamborghini is an Italian brand of luxury sport car and SUV manufacturer founded in 1963, by Ferruccio Lamborghini. The company was recognised for using a rear-mid engine and rear-wheel drive system. Their mission is to deliver the most desirable super sports cars with quality down to the finest detail.

About the Manufacturer

Kyosho is a Japanese and, international selling brand specialising in the manufacturing of model cars, planes, helicopters, and boats. Kyosho was founded in 1963 by Hisashi Suzuki. They created its first trademark radio-controlled car in 1970 with the production of die-cast models beginning in 1992. They have built a positively reputable brand with products consumer know are likely to exceed expectation.

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Weight 4 kg
Period 1960's
Scale 1:18
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