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1:18 Mitsubishi Starion GSR-VR - Black
1:18 Mitsubishi Starion GSR-VR - Black
1:18 Mitsubishi Starion GSR-VR - Black

1:18 Mitsubishi Starion GSR-VR – Black

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Mitsubishi Starion GSR-VR – Black – (KSR18034BKB):

This is a two-door, turbocharged four-cylinder rear-wheel drive sports hatchback, manufactured by Mitsubishi between 1982 and 1989. In the US, it was marketed as the Conquest, under the Chrysler Dodge and Plymouth brands, and in the UK, it was sold as the Colt Starion.

It was one of the first ever modern Japanese turbocharged performance cars with electronic fuel injection, being the successor to the Isuzu 117 Coupe.

Mitsubishi began their marketing campaign at a crucial time, when they had to go toe-to-toe with a number of other Japanese grand tourer sports cars; namely the Nissan Z-Cars, Mazda RX-7, Toyota Supra and many more.

The name derives from a contraction of ‘Star of Arion.’ It refers to both a star, and a mythical horse referred to by the same name. Mitsubishi said themselves, “The name STARION – derived from the combination of star and Arion, Hercules’ horse in Greek mythology, symbolises a sense of the universe, and of power and high performance.” This clearly reflects how strongly Mitsubishi feel about the performance of the Starion, and what the car is meant to represent.

It uses a traditional front-mounted engine with rear-wheel drive layout. Often, Starion’s came with a limited slip differential and anti-lock brakes as standard. Rack and pinion steering wasn’t offered, and gearbox steering was standard on all models.

What differed between markets was the engine capacity. American customers received the larger 2.6-litre engine, whereas most other were limited to 2.0-litres.

This sleek black model expertly captures the high-performance and quality of the Starion, with all of its features visible, as well as its iconic folding headlights.

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