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1:18 Alfa Romeo GTA 1300 Jr - 'Jagermeister' - DRM 1972
1:18 Alfa Romeo GTA 1300 Jr - 'Jagermeister' - DRM 1972
1:18 Alfa Romeo GTA 1300 Jr - 'Jagermeister' - DRM 1972

1:18 Alfa Romeo GTA 1300 Jr – ‘Jagermeister’ – DRM 1972

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Manufacturer: Minichamps


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About the Car


The Alfa Romeo GTA, a coupe automobile, was made for racing and road use from 1965 to 1971.  The GTA 1300 Junior was produced from 1965 to 1971, as a replacement for the 101 series Giulia Sprint 1300.  It had a 1300 cc 4-cyl engine based on the 1600 engine.  The GTA 1300 Junior had a low-end performance compared to others in its model line.  It had a top speed of 100 mph and 0-60 in 12.6 seconds, which was very good for a coupe with only a 1300 cc engine.


Jagermeister is a German digestif, an alcoholic drink served before or after a meal.  In the 1970’s the Jagermeister brand sponsored various European motor racing teams.


Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft (DRM) German Racing Championship was the predecessor to the current DTM.  It was known as a touring car and Sportscar racing series.  It began in 1972 as a Group 2 touring car and Group 4 GT racing series.


About the Brand


Alfa Romeo was founded in 1910 in Milan, Italy.  It is an Italian premium car manufacturer.  Alfa is an acronym of “Anonima Lombarda Fabbria Automobili”, its founding name.  A subsidiary of Stellantis, the Alfa Romeo brand has been known for sport-oriented vehicles and car racing since 1911.  They were owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles until it merged with the PSA Group and formed Stellantis in 2021.  Alfa Romeo made its first racing car in 1913 and won the inaugural world championship for Grand Prix in 1925.  The company has gone on to win successfully in other Grand Prix racing, as well as Formula One, sportscar racing, touring car racing and rallies.


About the Manufacturer


Minichamps was founded in 1990 as a die-cast car producer in Aachen, Germany under the name of Paul’s Model Art GmbH.   The original company was the Danhausen, a trade company that made 1:43 scale models and sold them over the counter and mail order.  From 1971 to 1993 the company published the famous Danhausen World Model Car Book.  Danhausen was owned by the grandsons of Emma Danhausen – Hans Peter and Paul Gunter Lang.  There was a dispute between the brothers in the late 1980’s.  That is when Paul formed the Paul’s Model Art.  Diecast models were made more for the adult clientele and holding their value was a big question that needed to be answered.  Minichamps’ excellent quality has been noticed by Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, Opel, and BMW.

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Weight 4 kg
Period 1970's
Scale 1:18
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