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Alfa Romeo 8C/2300 (1931- 1933) 100th Anniversary Kit
Alfa Romeo 8C/2300 (1931- 1933) 100th Anniversary Kit
Alfa Romeo 8C/2300 (1931- 1933) 100th Anniversary Kit

Alfa Romeo 8C/2300 (1931- 1933) 100th Anniversary Kit

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About the Alfa Romeo 8C 2300

The Alfa Romeo 8C is known today as one of the most famous “state of the art” sport cars in history. Produced at the beginning of the 1930s by Alfa Romeo, this car was produced in three forms; the Le Mans (which had rear seating), the Mille Miglia Spider, and the Grand Prix Monza, (which was used in open wheel racing throughout the 1930s). This superb line of cars was denoted by its 8-cylinder in-line supercharged engine, with a displacement of 2,336cc. This meant that the car was characterised by both impressive speed and reliability, often winning first in several international car racing competitions. Aside from racing, almost 200 vehicles were produced for the private market, to be used as a luxury car for race car enthusiasts of the time.


Founded on June 24, 1910 in Milan, Italy, Alfa Romeo Automobiles as a premium car manufacturer. The brand is mostly known for producing a series of sports cars, many of which have won car races and made a name for themselves in the car-racing industry. Alfa Romeo designers have had a significant influence on the way other car makers have designed their products, with many of their racing cars being re-produced for commercial use.


About the Model

The Alfa Romeo 8C/2300 is being debuted in celebration of the 100th anniversary of its famous Italian manufacturer. The model comes with a highly detailed engine and rubber tires, and is adequate for experienced hobbyists. There are 330 high-quality plastic parts, 30 chromed parts and photo etched parts, which can be assembled easily through the use of our detailed instructions.


About the Manufacturer

We are specialised in selecting some of the best manufacturers in the car model industry. Our manufacturer works diligently to produce a range of luxury and vintage car models with parts and materials produced according to the highest standards in Italy.

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Weight 5 kg
Period 1930’s
Scale 1:12
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