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The One-Stop Destination for Diverse Off-Road Model Car Kits

Premier Car Models offers off-road model car kits that not only have the ultimate looks but also a robust build for high functionality. No doubt, they are durable enough to last long and the cars can run on any challenging solid surfaces.

Our Off-Road Model Car Kits

Is assembling car accessories and speeding away off-road model cars your hobby? Then check out our diverse off-road model car kits with impressive features. When you shop for one, you get a box with all the car components a detailed manual to help you assemble them properly. We make sure that the car parts are accurately designed so they are easy and quick to assemble.

Whether you want a tough rock crawler or a muscular off-road car, we have every model you desire to own. Moreover, we house the leading industrial manufacturers of these model cars, including Gmade and FTX. So, take a look at, for instance, the Gmade Rock Buggy Plus Kit, Buffalo TS Military or Civilian Kit or Komodo Truck Kit, or the various FTX Model Car Kits in our collection.

How We Manufacture Precise Off-Road Model Car Kits?

Thanks to our resources of advanced technology, we can design and build strong and attractive model cars and kits with accurate minute features. We use:

  • Computer Numerical Control: Our CNC machines process our material exactly in tune with the given coded instructions.
  • 3D printing technologies: The superfast SLA (Stereo Lithography) and FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) printing methods provide us with high-quality accurate prints of three-dimensional car features. So, we ensure to deliver quality products even under the most stringent deadlines to the satisfaction of our clients and customers.

Why Choose Us?

Premier Car Models have earned a glorious name in the model industry with more than 20 years of experience. When you choose us, you get the assurance of quality.

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