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1:12 2016 Porsche 911R - Light Green
1:12 2016 Porsche 911R - Light Green
1:12 2016 Porsche 911R - Light Green

1:12 2016 Porsche 911R – Light Green

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2016 Porsche 911R – Light Green – (125066326):

The Porsche 911; quite possibly the most supreme sports car ever produced. The 911R is the greatest rendition of the greatest sports car ever made. It is therefore one of the finest street machines ever manufactured.

Street is the keyword in the equation of this marvellous car. The 911 R was conceived due to the fact that there was a sense in Porsche’s Motorsport department that the idea of adding more grip through the use of techniques and mechanics such as supplementary downforce, rigid suspension and wider tyres was not actually extendable.

Porsche had previously developed the GT3 RS, which was an utterly phenomenal track day car, but nothing more. The 911 R is its alter ego; a tamer, more controllable sibling that can actually grace regular roads.

The differences between the two cars are crucial. Essentially, everything in the GT3 RS is carried over to the 911 R, however, what’s in the GT3 RS for performance is traded in, and replaced in the 911 R with aspects that make the car more fun. The body is based off of a regular 911. It retains front wings made of carbon fire, and the rear screen is composed of plastic. However, the dramatic aerodynamics aren’t nearly as pivotal. It has a normal rear wing that can be found on a Porsche Carrera. Its only modification is that it can extend just that little bit more, for when the 911 R reached its higher speeds.

Whilst the 911 R is the GT3 RS’s tamer, quieter brother, it doesn’t mean it isn’t exceptional in terms of performance. It has a 4.0-litre 493 brake horsepower flat-six engine, and can reach a top speed of 200 miles per hour. Acceleration-wise, the 911 R can leap to 60 miles per hour in just 3.7 seconds. It’s also the lightest of the 911 range, weighing in at just 1,370 kilograms. This is 50 kilograms lighter than its menacing older brother, the GT3 RS, and is down to its lack of high-tech spoilers and air ducts. Instead, it’s nippy and agile, rather than overpowering and angry. It’s Porsche’s love-letter to the comfort-driving enthusiasts who still enjoy the speed and prowess.

The model perfectly encapsulates the 911 R’s beautiful simplicity, its intricate elegance. The smooth back without the enormous spoiler together with the perfectly proportioned bodywork make this one of the best-looking car models around.

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