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1:18 Subaru BRZ GT - GT WR Blue Pearl
1:18 Subaru BRZ GT - GT WR Blue Pearl
1:18 Subaru BRZ GT - GT WR Blue Pearl

1:18 Subaru BRZ GT – GT WR Blue Pearl

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Subaru BRZ GT – GT WR Blue Pearl – (KSR18027BL):

The original Subaru BRZ is heavily based off of the Toyota GT86. It fits into the category of ludicrously fast, high-end looking sports car, that are somehow affordable and reliable. It’s a ‘back-to-basics’ sports coupe, with nothing too high-tech or unnecessarily complicated. Instead, it’s a neat and relatively subtle coupe.

When it comes to the interior, the BRZ certainly doesn’t dazzle. But that’s the entire point of a Subaru – they’re hardy and rough around the edges, and quite simply… simple. Everything is tailored around the needs of the driver, such as the driving position, the sports seats, the controls – everything basic. For a sports car, the BRZ was somewhat practical too. It was sufficiently spacious in the front, with two small seats in the back. The boot-size was respectable. It was a new breed of sports car. You still get the thrill of speed and noise, but you don’t lose all the everyday comforts like proper seats and a sizeable boot.

It’s fitted with a 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine. A classic sports car engine that’s once again extremely basic and easy to maintain. Combining this with the affordability of the BRZ ensured its popularity and the respect it garnered from consumers and competitors alike.

The BRZ GT was Subaru’s upgrade to this car. More sleek, more modern, more striking and head-turning. However, in terms of performance, not much was altered. What made it special was its cleaner paint finish, a dedicated rear spoiler, and new, hardier 17-inch wheels with stronger brake callipers. It was also fitted with dampers, and these provided the car with a far smoother ride, and granted the driver just that little bit more control.

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Weight 4 kg
Period 2010's
Scale 1:18
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